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Hello,I am a graduate of Georgia State University who earned my Bachelor's degree in Early Childhood Education. As a freshman and sophomore in college, I tutored inner-city middle school students within a 10 mile radius of my campus. Since graduating from college I have taught pre-kindergarten and first grade, and I have continued to tutor elementary through high school age students in both Math and English.I believe in offering as many hands-on learning experiences as possible. Children and adults, alike, tend to learn best by “doing.” It’s also important that I teach each student according to their learning mode. For example, in order for my visual learner to further grasp the lesson that I’m teaching, I may use a graphic organizer.During a tutoring sessions, I have the opportunity to mentor my students as well as teach them academic skills they need. As I get to know my students, I often bring their interests into my lessons. I have been given the pleasure of witnessing the progress of the students I tutor quicker than I would in a classroom of twenty-five students. I believe that both the tutor and the student have much to gain from tutoring sessions.

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